Buoy 10- Trolling Flasher Color Selection for Salmon

Shortbus Flashers Salmon Trolling Flasher 1The Buoy 10 season is quickly approaching and my mind wanders to the water and just how many colors are available in this day and age. It’s almost overwhelming to think about with a plethora of standard colors available and don’t get me started on all of the custom options!

Basic colors that have been proven time and time again are Red, Blue, Chartreuse, Kelly Green and Silver.  But why do certain colors work better than others in certain areas and times of day?  Let’s take a look at the world of “flashology” and see if we can make some sense of the world we fish in.

Water Depth  

Are you fishing in the salt where depths can be hundreds of feet or in the river where you can be less than 30′?  Depth of fishing affects the amount of light and what colors of light are available at a given time.  I am going to try to use the area around the Columbia River as an example for color choices because we will be fishing in more of a greenish blue water outside and possibly greenish brown water inside depending on tides.  In most of the situations visible light will only travel 50-100 feet in prime conditions, but as colors are taken out of the spectrum, colors turn shades of black the deeper you fish.  Blue, green and yellow (chartreuse) will carry color deeper than red.  Why does this matter?  If you fish depth of 30′ inside with the “High Yield” Shortbus Flasher in brownish green water, the outside red will in fact turn a shade of black and the chartreuse will still retain some desired color.  The turning of color will now add shape to the offering by framing a color adding contrast to the design. Colors in green water turn dark in the order of red, orange, blue, yellow and green.  Try to mix your colors to have one deep water color and one shallow color to add contrast.