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Buoy 10 Salmon Fishing-  Make your move

print  Buoy 10 Salmon Fishing- Make your move

Great anticipation is an attribute that makes many talented athletes great.  It allows the linebacker to be there before the offensive play develops.  It makes for a fast break opportunity with a stolen pass in basketball.  And for anglers fishing Buoy 10 on the Lower Columbia, great anticipation may put […]

Columbia Steel- David Johnson shows us how

print  Columbia Steel- David Johnson shows us how

It’s surprising that the Columbia summer steelhead fishery is one of the most under-utilized fisheries in the northwest but it is. There are thousands of easy to catch fish, in the best weather of the year.  And all within reach of major populations. It’s true, there are thousands of anglers missing out […]

Summer Tactics for Kokanee

print  Summer Tactics for Kokanee

As the weather starts to warm up and the surface temperatures begin to rise in our local lakes, the kokanee population will retreat to the lake’s thermocline layer. This can cause the average kokanee fisherman major obstacles to overcome unless he is prepared to “go deep or go home”.  With […]

Columbia River Summer Chinook Fishing

print  Columbia River Summer Chinook Fishing

With the late reopening of Spring Chinook, this year’s Columbia River Summer Chinook fishery certainly won’t get all the hoopla it’s received in years past.  With the early fishing also comes early indicators and folks looking to fish for Summer Chinook through the closure on June 30th are looking to […]

audio  Westport Washington Salmon Opener

Over the course of the last couple weeks I’ve been talking with guys familiar with the Westport fishery trying to get the jist on what we can expect for this years fishery. Everyone that I’ve talked to looks for the first week or two of the combined summer season to […]

Golden Stones and Golden Days

print  Golden Stones and Golden Days

There’s no doubt there would be tremendous dry fly action on the Upper Klamath if the fish could see the surface. In the six-mile stretch below the Keno Dam, the water is stained with the proteins of Klamath Lake. But the same water that keeps bugs on the surface safe, protects fish […]