Columbia and Willamette River Sea Lions- Sea Shepherd

Recently I was able to talk with Scott West of the group, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.  The Sea Shepherd group is one of the left wing groups that has regularly advocated for Sea Lions and even has a group that stands guard at Bonneville Dam observing, photographing and documenting the harassment tactics that are taking place to keep sea lions out of the fish ladders.

Many of you might ask why I would even give this group a platform.  Over the years I’ve found it important to provide the other side with a chance to voice their concerns.  And the main reason is so that sport and sustenance fishermen can understand the extremism that we’re up against.  These groups have made it their business to take very simple supply and demand environmental issues and make a fortune from them.  Most in this country don’t understand the sea lion issue as we do here and as a result, their ignorance of the issue is fully exploited.  Because this issue lies in the hands of the Feds, these groups don’t need to convince you, me and even the left leaning folks in the NW that do understand the issue- they only need to convince those in the rest of the country that we’re a bunch of self serving capitalists looking to kill every marine mammal under the sun.

For those of us on the left and right that have watched this travesty unfold for the last 10 years, it’s sickening to watch and a testament to the ineptitude of  Federal entities and their ability to operate effectively under the control of Congressional mandated laws.  The system is broken and it makes no sense except for those that are making money off of the insanity.  I don’t know where this whole issue will end up as sport and sustenance fishermen, but we need to rally behind efforts that are made to put even a tiny amount of common sense into these unnecessary laws.

Listen to the 10 minute conversation below for more in site on the circular arguments and tactics that are SOP when confronted on these sort of issues.  You might also want to check out my conversation with the Humane Society of the United States and the Wild Fish Conservancy.  Their playbook is nearly identical.  Knowledge is power, share as you see fit.
Lance talks with Scott West of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society about the sea lion issue.

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Lance talks with Sharon Young of the Humane Society of the United States 5/28/2011.

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The Wild Fish Conservency chimes in on why they want sea lions protected.

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