G. Loomis SAR 1265-1266: Timeless Performance

It’s not often that you take time to celabrate a piece of fishing gear that’s over a decade old, but to earn the title of “great” in the angling world, you have to stand the test of time.  There are great years for cars and wines, so why not fishing rods?

G. Loomis introduced the SAR 1265 and 1266 as blanks in 1984 not in 1998 like I alluded to in the video.  Popularity amongst the cottage rod builders caught on and by 1985 the 1265 was available as a production rod.  In 1990 the 1266 entered production  and both remain available to G. Loomis followers today.  The G. Loomis, SAR 1265 and 1266 came about with the desire for guides to get a greater span out of their rod spreads and handle the longer leaders used while herring fishing.  The reach of the 10′-6″ rod provided the solution for both, but anyone could to that with a 2 x 4, a handful of guides and a roll of duck tape.  The long standing brilliance of a rod always lies in it’s action and durability, which are often times diametrically opposing characteristics in the rod building world.

SAR 1265 and 1266 in action

While the SAR 1265 and were invented as herring rods, the versitile nature of the rod quickly became apparant.  Guides and accomplished fishermen alike began using the action as goto plug rods and even with diver and bait applications.  The difference between the two is only the power rating with the 1265 being a 126″, 5 power rod and the 1266 being a 126″, 6 power rod.  Personally, I’m a fan of the 1265 as it will carry up to 16 ounces while I’m herring fishing and still fish a little 1/0 hook while fishing diver and bait.  The 1266 adds a little bit of stiffness to a very consistent parabolic action.  The 1266 will handle the delta type divers, up to 20 oz. on the troll and fish a diver and bait on systems like the Kenai where big hogs loom.

SAR 1265 and 1266 the bend

Although I’m sure G. Loomis would rather see me touting the technological brilliance on the newer SAPR’s, this sort of tribute can only occur after the obstacle of time has been conquered.  The SAR 1265 and 66 has stood up to the test and 29 years later still surpasses, by way of performance and durability, the competitions latest and greatest.

Lance Fisher is a professional fishing guide and host of the NW Outdoor Show.