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Prime time Kokanee fishing is quickly approaching and the long wait will soon be over.  To some, I might sound like my anticipation level is way too high to others you know exactly what I’m talking about and Kokanee cabin fever is just a part of this wonderful sport.  Lance has asked me to help you get prepared for the upcoming 2012 kokanee season so that you can see exactly what my excitement level is all about.  As the season changes from Spring to Fall there are different techniques that we will be discussing, however, as many of you are gearing up for the upcoming season let’s talk about the diversified tackle box.

What is a diversified tackle box?

Jeremy Jahn with a great limit of kokaneeI have a good friend that I’ve been talking to on the phone for some time now and we got on the subject of what kind of tackle he carries on his boat.  He told me that he preferred fishing the 1 ¾“ hoochies in a variety of colors.  I asked him what percent of his total tackle was the 1¾” hoochie and he told me, “70 to 80 percent”.   On the days kokanee want a 1 ¾” hoochie in a specific color he’ll be in fat city, but on days when they want a completely different type of lure with a completely different type action he’ll be scratching his head.  He will blame the moon cycle, the lack of sun, too much wind, the jet skiers, or five hundred other different excuses people come up with when they aren’t catching fish.  The biggest rut people get into when kokanee fishing is using their set-up that worked really good last week, with the idea that they will have the exact same result this week.

Kokanee can be the most finicky fish you will ever go after, as well as the easiest fish you’ve ever fished for, all in the same week.  The big secret to kokanee fishing is to let the fish tell you what they want, and not expect them to be hitting YOUR flavor of the day.  It may sound like a broad approach, but really, it’s not that difficult if you start with a diversified approach.

The Diversified Approach

I like starting the day with a wide mix of gear on four rods and then dialing it in as I start breaking down what’s going on.  Let’s say the kokanee want pink for a color and I figure that out by picking up a few, but they still aren’t going in the cooler as fast as I’d like.  I would then run a mix of gear in pink to find out what type of gear and action they are looking for.  Let’s just say they are looking for a Spin n Glo in pink, I would then try a flat pink, pink sparkle, pink with a different color in it, like silver or gold for example and so on until I have a hard time keeping my rod in the water without a fish on.  At that point you have what they want and I’ll ride that wave until it stops.  Sometimes that bite can last all day and sometimes that bite will only last a moment, but working through your tackle is the only way to figure that out.  So by coming at your fishing day with a method, you’re putting yourself into a position for big days.
Kokanee are in a controlled area and you have their undivided attention, they can hide from you but they can’t escape, you just have to find out what they want.  If you get one thing out of this article, it’s that you need to get a wide mix of gear in different colors and different lures.  Pink, orange, chartreuse, silver, and gold are my favorite kokanee colors.  Add this color chart to a few great kokanee lures and you should be able to figure out the puzzle.

Until next time,  Fish On Jeremy Jahn.

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