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Gear: Yakima Baits’ Hawg Nose Flatfish

Having made huge strides in becoming the premier lure company in cold water fisheries, Yakima Baits’ Hawg Nose Flatfish  provides Salmon fishermen with a big weapon, for big fall Kings.

The unique bill design of the Hawg Nose Flatfish provides a faster water option to accompany the slower water capabilities of the original Flatfish.  Capable of depths of 15-20 feet on it’s own, this supercharged Flatfish performs magnificently at speeds of 2-5 mph.

Skip-Beat Action

The darting action of the Hawg Nose Flatfish is really what separates this plug from it’s competitors.  Erratic behavior with most plugs typically means the plug blows out and ends up on the surface.  But the Skip-Beat Action of the Hawg Nose actually provides erratic behavior that stays in the water and under control.  This action adds one more option for Salmon anglers looking for big time strikes from aggressive Kings.

Like many plugs, the Hawg Nose Flatfish works best with a bait wrap and Yakima Bait has made this a cinch with ribs designed to keep your stretchy thread in place.  Although this Flatfish will generally run straight right out of the package a screw eye does allow for micro adjustments after the wrap has been applied.

Yakima Bait Hawg Nose Flatfish- finishes