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PowerPro’s Zero Impact- Fishing Line Review

The braided line world has again moved the needle and this time from a company that’s sole mission is to innovate.  PowerPro unveiled it’s latest Spectra woven line at this year’s ICAST show in Las Vegas, Nevada and I think many will find that Zero Impact will provide yet another arrow in the quiver for discerning anglers.

Knot strength is always a big deal with any line and Zero Impact has taken the subject to new depths.  Zero Impact takes the standard PowerPro Spectra weave and embeds what PowerPro calls, “termination zones”, into the line every 23 feet.  This 3 foot termination zone provides the ability to create a knot that is equal to the line rating. Of course everyone knows that the knot is the weakest point of any line assembly, so how is this possible?

According to the Chief Innovator at PowerPro, Konrad Krauland, “PowerPro has developed a proprietary technique that strengthens these termination zones, allowing anglers to receive maximum knot strength without compromising reel capacity and profile within the water column.  Knots break at a 30-40% reduction compared to a straight line, so what we have here is a line that acts like a line 2 sizes greater.”

Zero Impact is available in #20, 30, 50, 65, 80 and 100 pound line ratings in a variety of spool sizes.  These different line sizes also come in come with color options of Aqua Green with a black termination zone or Hi-Vis Yellow with black termination zones.

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