Report- Big Lava Lake, OR- Lance Fisher

lava lake rainbow troutAfter a couple months of Springer fishing, I was ready for a little getaway to Central Oregon.  My former program director at Alpha Broadcasting in Portland, Brian Jennings has retired in the Bend area, so the opportunity to hang out within 30 minutes of Century Drive was too much to resist.  I loaded up my fishing companions and twin daughters, Sophia and Sarah and headed for the land of sage, juniper and ponderosa pine.

I love Central Oregon and the fishing that it offers.  Wickiup, Crane, Davis, The Deschutes-  the list is too long to mention all the trout fishing opportunities, but that’s what makes this area so special.  I had never fished Big Lava, but with the help of contributor Don Gamiles, we were able to show up and figure out the recipe for success.

The weather was not ideal.  The wind blew, it rained and it felt more like March on the Columbia River than it did May in the high desert.  The lake was a good fit for the day as it does provide some shelter and a great ramp that my 25′ Willie Raptor slipped right into.

From the ramp, I turned the TR1 on and set a course for the opposite end of the lake.  The kind owner at the resort had suggested it as a starting point and with the wind blowing out of the NW, it would provide some drifting opportunities should we need to go that route.

I had heard that the still fishing had been productive, but I do prefer to troll.  It’s hard to take the Salmon fisherman out of a guy so out went my custom wrapped, 9′, 2-6 pound Lamiglas noodle blanks and fly reels to begin the process of figuring out Big Lava Lake.

Clarity on the lake didn’t seem to warrant the need of a flasher set up, so I went with straight in-line trolling sinkers on all the rods.  From the 5-6 foot, Seaguar Fluorocarbon, #6 leader I hung a blue/silver F5 Flat Fish on one of the 1 ounce rods and a Super Duper and worm on another.  These two rods fished off the bow at about the 15 foot mark.  My half ounce rods to the transom end of the boat were equiped with a #3 Brass Vibrax and an F3 Frog Flat Fish that happened to be Brian’s favorite.  We fished these anywhere from 15 to 25 feet as the longer length of line tends to fish a greater range of depths as you make turns on your troll.