Report- Detroit Lake Kokanee….Trout- Jeremy Jahn

detroit lake fishing report- kokaneeOut of all the lakes in Oregon that I get asked kokanee questions about, Detroit Lake has to be on the top of the list.  It’s close proximity to Salem and Portland, and the amply supply of amenities makes Detroit Lake a hot spot for weekend getaways.

The issue with this lake is that it’s one of the most heavily planted lakes in Oregon for Rainbows.  I guess this isn’t an issue if you are looking to catch a limit of planters, but if you’re looking to target Kokanee, the abundance of Rainbow can make closing the deal on your limit of Koks a bit problematic.

I started my day at the crack of dawn with my Dad and Greg Loe in the boat.  With no reports and nothing to go on, we were left with experience and the current conditions as the only suggestions on where to fish.  It reminded me of the days before Forums, Twitter and Facebook,  when figuring out a lake was all up to you and your crew.

We made a big mistake first thing in the morning, but it didn’t take me very long to correct the situation.  My favorite spot to fish for Kokanee at Detroit is the Kenny Creek arm, but after getting rigged up and looking at my Depth finder I was shocked to see that the water temperature was only 50.7 Fahrenheit.  This was colder than I wanted to see and it warranted an early move.  We pulled up our gear and headed toward the island where the water temperature was still cold for this time of year, but at 54.8 I figured it would give us a better opportunity to hook into a Kokanee.

The number one issue when fishing for Kokanee is water temperature.  Unfortunately, current conditions at Detroit Lake has most of the Kokanee hanging out with the far more plentiful Rainbow Trout just below the surface.