Report: Fishing for Kootenay Lake Rainbows with Rick Arnold

kootenay lake gerrard rainbow

Rick Arnold with a typical Kootenay Gerrard Rainbow.

Rick Arnold is someone I’ve been following and interviewing for a number of years.  This guy lives and breathes trophy trout and so when Rick began his treks to fabled Kootenay Lake in British Columbia several years ago, I came to look forward to the adventure and hearing of the results.

Kootenay Lake is known for it’s Gerrard strain of rainbow that grows to massive per portions in excess of 20 pounds.  These fish have taken on mythical status among the trophy trout faithful as Gerrards are known to pull 200-300 feet of line off a Tekota Line Counter in a single run.  Of course all of this is too much for someone like Rick who loves the challenge of record caliber trout and so Rick recently took off again to the land of the giants and put in his time on one of the world’s great trophy trout lakes.

I caught up with Rick to talk about the trip on the NW Outdoor Show which you’ll find below and be sure to check out Rick’s full fishing report of his trip to Kootenay Lake at

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For more on fishing for Kootenay Lake Rainbows you might want to check out the article Rick wrote on fishing with Planer Boards.

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