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Report- Kokanee Power Oregon Finds big fish on Wickiup Reservoir

Kokanee Power of Oregon Derby held its second derby of the year this past weekend in one of the great locations in Central Oregon.  It was a very exciting and fun competition despite slow fishing conditions as Wickiup Reservoir Kokanee are monsterous this season.  In the competition numerous fish hit the 2 lb. category and 18 inches on the measuring, so if you’re looking for quality over quantity, Wickiup may be for you.

Two more derbys remain for the 2012 season, the next being July 14th, at Crescent Lake.  The finale of the 4 tournament fishing year will be held at Odell Lake on August 18th.

For more information about upcoming derbies, volunteer opportunities and upcoming projects please visit KokaneePowerOregon.com.  Kokanee Power of Oregon is a great organization, all about Kokanee fishing and our cold water fisheries.

Here is the top 10 for the tournament at Wickiup:

#1 Team “Spud Nut” Rick Breckel & Allen Breckel – 11.29lb

#2 Team “Paulina Peak Tackle” Joe Moritz, Bret Bergstralh & Dan Wellisch – 11.12lb

#3 John Kline, Gordon Kateley & Karen Kateley – 10.62lb

#4 Dave Krajezynski, Brian Kidder & Bob Krajezynski – 9.66lb

#5 Orie Redding, Jason Miller & Rick Crivellone – 8.07lb

#6 Michael Schulte, Larriat Schultz & Tim Shanks – 8.05lb

#7 Team “KoKonuts” Kent Cannon, Richard Kennedy & Ryan Bennett – 7.86lb

#8 Ron Walker & Hank Deja – 7.2lb

#9 Team “KokaneeKidFishing” Jeremy Jahn, Debbie Jahn & Chester Jahn – 7.19lb

#10 Team “Wild Child” Scott Child, Jim Child & Shawn Child – 6.86lb


“Fish On” Jeremy Jahn is a Kokanee Fishing Expert and tackle innovator.  For more information visit Jeremy at Kokanee Kid Fishing.