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Report- The Inconsistent Turbidity Condition- Lance Fisher

So it’s May 5th and limits are routine at this point.  Fish are biting just about everything, at the magic temperature mark of 54 degrees and wait,  I’ve got another one going right now.  Fish on, got to go.

So it was during the high water year of 2011.  The Willamette River was high, but it was fishing like a dream.  The turbidity levels held perfectly and the high water was primarily due to a Columbia that was backing up.  Valley rains stayed in check allowing for water clarity to remain perfect for an extended period of time.  Granted not every haunt fished, but we figured it out and in short order a blood bath ensued.  The high water allowed water temperatures to stay cool all the way into the last week of June when summer conditions finally took hold.  Looking back, I can’t remember a year that Willamette River Springers bit eggs as long as they did.  It was amazing, memorable and……….I still think it’s going to happen again this year.

This years conditions are similar in only one characteristic, high water.  Turbidity and water temperature has remained the thorn in all of our sides as we look for the consistency that fishing should offer the first week of May.  In showing up to the Oregon City area this morning, I could tell things had changed significantly overnight as my flashlight was having difficulty getting through sediment that had arrived in the area overnight.  I couldn’t see my prop and the OC area hasn’t been consistent at all this year when turbidity levels have spiked.  You could have several days of decent fishing and somewhere in the valley, a big, black, mean looking cloud shows up, dumps a 1/2 of an inch of rain and presto, Houston, we have problems.

And so it’s been for the last several weeks on the Willamette River.  Just when you think it’s going to go wide open, mother nature decides differently.  Yes it’s a bit frustrating, but in it all, there is a little something that all of us should know by now.