Seaguar Shark Tooth Line Cutter Review

seaguar shark tooth line cutter 2Over the years I’ve certainly gone through the gambit when it comes to line cutters. Of course it all started with my front teeth, went to nail clippers, on to scissors, then to nicer scissors. I’ve been using the “nicer scissors” solution now for a number of years and it worked for me until this past week in Orlando, Florida.

I was just minding my own business, shooting video and yukking it up with my friends at Seaguar. It’s day three of the show so the swagg is starting to fly and although I’m not a big freebie guy, you start noticing the swag signs. In this case it’s a pile of elastic rubber band like things used to keep your line under control on the spool. The pile is just laying there as if to say, “have some”. I’ve used these for years and have regularly purchased them from the Rubber Resource here in Portland, but as I inquired about this freebie looking pile of goods, I noticed this wasn’t your typical elastic line keeper.

“Check this out.”, said John DeVries, who’s the VP of Sales for Seaguar North America. John goes on to pull out a chunk of line on a spool of fluorocarbon, pull it across this plastic piece that’s mounted to the elastic band and instantly, without effort, the line is cut. Not easily impressed, but in this case really impressed, I look at John as if to say, “do that again”. He goes through the routine again and I’m thinking, that this is one of the best things I’ve seen at the show.

So here it is….

seaguar shark tooth line cutter 1The Shark Tooth is a spool line keeper with a small plastic attachment joined to the elastic band. You put the band around a spool and then poke the line on the spool through a grommet hole on the elastic band. When you’re ready for a chunk of leader, pull out the desired length, depress the plastic cutting attachment to hold it in place and simply pull the line across the Shark Tooth. All of this without even reaching or looking for a pair of scissors. Best yet, when you’re done with a spool of line, simply take it off and add the Shark Tooth to the next spool.

So simple, it’s genius and fortunately I was able to get a pile of them.  But before you go thinking how lucky I am, realize I went to Orlando to get mine, you’ll be able to simply roll down to the tackle shop.

-Lance Fisher