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Swivel Bases Done Right

Promotion Fishing Products Seat Swivel BaseI’m a function guy.  I like things that work over things that look good.  I’ll take a 1997 Ford 7.3 liter diesel over the current 6.0 liter.  It’s strong and works every day, simple as that.  Trust me, I fight with the look good, but in the end I need stuff around me that will get up and go to work with me everyday.  My boat is no different.  I’ve got a great hull (2010 25′ Willie Raptor), aluminum everything (no wood floors here), welded seats, diamond plate floor and no paint, inside or out.  It’s a work horse.  No scraping clear coat off with the egg brush, no replacing the rotted out 500 lb. wood floor, no busted seat backs, just 25 feet of pure, Salmon crushing, function.

In July of 2010 I took delivery on my latest guide boat.  Everything on the boat was exactly the way I wanted it except the one thing I forgot to have specified.  Unfortunately, I knew the day of reckoning was coming and like it or not, the seat swivel bases in my boat were going to need replaced.
Promotion fishing products seat swivel base The seat swivel bases of a boat aren’t the first thing that someone might think of when it comes to a wish list on a new boat, but maybe this photo of rust leaching onto my diamond plate seat boxes might cause you to think otherwise.  I knew mine were going to need to be replaced from the begining, but I simply forgot about them until about a year and a half later during Springer season.

Of course it was early in the season and most of the time we fish the Columbia River as much as the seasons will allow.  Of course I’m not the only one with the same idea, so we end up fishing in crowds and subsequently, the boat traffic can actually create some choppy conditions.  Choppy conditions lead to my boat rocking and the boat rocking lead to a horribly annoying  sound coming from one of my seat bases.  On every wave, came this popping sound from what I would understand later was simply gaps and spaces developing between the bearings.  6 months of salt exposure was all it took for the seat bases to start breaking down and the sounds were just the start of the failure.  By mid summer I was looking at rust beginning to seep out onto my seat and boxes and at that point it was time for a replacement.

Promotion fishing products seat swivel base

The UHMW Seat Swivel Bases from Promotion Fishing Products are consistent with the simple brilliance the company has been producing for years.  The UHMW partners with with a piece of aluminium and two stainless steel screws to provide fishermen with a product that won’t rust and provides years of dependable use.

The swivel bases are delivered in a neat box that carries everything you need to get your seats mounted.  The whole process of installing the new bases only took a couple hours, but the process of getting rust removed is what ultimately took all the time and had me wishing I’d simply done this part of my boat right the first time.  It’s a philosophy I typically live by, but this time simply forgot.

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Lance Fisher is a professional fishing guide and radio show host in the Northwest.