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Techinque: The Lowdown on Corn and Kokanee- Jeremy Jahn

You will hear all kinds of methods and ideas on how to make up and rig corn when fishing for kokanee.  In this article I’m going to share with you how I do it on my boat and believe that by doing it this way, you will see BIG improvemnent in your kokanee fishing results.

What kind of corn should I buy when fishing for kokanee?

The only corn I use on my boat is Green Giant White Shoepeg Corn.  You can find it in most grocery stores and I typically like to buy a few cases before the start of the fishing season so I’m not racing around trying to find it when the fishing is hot.  If I didn’t have this brand of corn with me I simply wouldn’t go fishing.  It’s that important.

Should I drain the corn?

Before mixing up your scent with the corn you need to drain all the juices from the corn.  This is very important because the extra juice will dillute the cure you’re about to put on the corn.

Do you put anything on the corn?

Funny you should ask.  The base product that I use in all my corn mixes is Pro-Cure Wizard Kokanee Killer Korn Magic.  This will help toughen up the kernels of corn, and help preserve the corn from spoiling.  Additionally, there is simply something in this cure that Kokanee simply like.  This is a great product and a must have on your corn.

How do you keep the corn fresh and presentable while fishing?

Keep the corn cold!  I mix my corn up the night before and keep it in the refrigerator.  I then use a small cooler on my boat with a frozen gel pack to keep the corn from spoiling.  As soon as I’m done baiting my hooks the corn goes back in the cooler and out of the sun.  The Heat and sun will not only break down your corn, but many scents will also break down in the sun.

Should I save my corn for the next fishing trip?

After my fishing adventure is over so is the corn.  You can save your corn up to three or four days if kept cold, but after that I would make a new batch.  I am a true believer in the NCS ,”New Can Smell”, so when my fishing trip is over so is the corn’s.  Corn is the cheapest bait you can buy and trust me, having fresh presentable corn on your hook makes all the difference in the world.

What kind of scents would you recommend for kokanee fishing?    

Pro-Cure makes the best scents on the market and I have been using them on my boat for years with great success.  This year they have a new water soluble UV enhanced scent and it has been working very well on my boat. Here are my top scents for kokanee fishing – Anise, Garlic, Tuna, Krill, & Shrimp.  This year I have been having my best luck with Pro-Cure Water Soluble Fish Oil Garlic Plus, with Pro-Cure Garlic Slam-Ola Powder, and Pro-Cure Wizard Kokanee Killer Korn Magic.

What kind and color dyes should I use? 

Pro-Cure makes a great selection of bait dyes called Bad Azz Color Blast UV Liquid Bait Dye.  My top colors are Chartreuse Lime Fluorescent, Magenta Red/Pink and Sunset Orange.  Do not over color your corn and if you are going to color it, make sure you also have some natural color corn as well.  For example, if the kokanee are looking for pink and your corn is pink it will be lights out fishing, but if they are looking for something else and all you have is pink corn you’ll be in big trouble.

How do you rig your corn?

This is a big one.  First off, think of your lure as an arrow dynamic lure trying to cut through the water.  Do not overload your hooks with corn it will simply add dead weight and decrease the action of the bait.  Make sure it’s in line and in balance. Use one piece of corn per hook running straight back with the small part (cut end) of the kernel facing away from your lure.  If using a treble hook use two pieces of corn straight back with the small part (cut end) of the kernel facing away from the lure.

Of course there’s alot to Kokanee fishing, but by using these tips, you’ll definately put more fish to the boat.

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“Fish On” Jeremy Jahn is a Kokanee Fishing Expert and tackle innovator.  For more information visit Jeremy at Kokanee Kid Fishing.