Washington Winter Chinook- Blackmouth with Tom Nelson

Puget Sound Winter Chinook

Tom Nelson and Jay Field with a limit of Winter Chinook.

Washingtons’ Winter Chinook fishery has been providing decades of opportunity to fishermen that just can’t get enough Salmon fishing.  From Puget Sound to the San Juan Islands opportunity knocks as these resident Chinook look to gorge themselves on the prevelant bait fish populations.

Of course the winter months provide a little more uncertainty when it comes to conditions on the water, but those that do a good job at folloing the weather will find windows of opportunity just right for winter Salmon fishing.

To learn more about this fishery I caught up with Tom Nelson who hosts the Outdoor Line on 710, ESPN in Seattle to talk about the fishing locations and strategies employed to score on Winter Blackmouths.  Tom is one of the best there is on this open water fishery and has put in countless days guiding and then teaching Washington anglers about this great fishery.

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