Westport Washington Salmon Opener

Over the course of the last couple weeks I’ve been talking with guys familiar with the Westport fishery trying to get the jist on what we can expect for this years fishery.

Everyone that I’ve talked to looks for the first week or two of the combined summer season to be the best opportunity to experience the wide open fishing that you hear about. ┬áMark rates can be a frustrating issue at times, but fishermen have learned to endure with the number of quality keepers to be had.

Conditions can certainly be hit and miss, but the nice thing about the fishery is that even with less than optimal conditions, you can often get out and get back before the forecast actually comes to fruition.

Here’s a conversation on the fishery that happened on the NW Outdoor Show between host, Lance Fisher and the Salt Patrol’s, John Keizer.

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Mark selective fisheries for hatchery chinook will be open seven days a week June 8-June 22 in Marine Area 2 (Westport/Ocean Shores) and June 8-June 21 in Marine Area 1 (Ilwaco). In all areas, anglers will have a daily limit of two salmon, except anglers must release coho and wild chinook. The fisheries could close earlier if a coastwide quota of 8,000 hatchery chinook is reached.

Recreational Salmon fishing around Westport will reopen June 23rd with a limit of 2 Salmon, only one of which may be a Chinook.  The fishery will be open Sunday through Thursday to fishing.