Willamette River Kayak Report- Ron Sauber

Kayak fishermen targeting Willamette River springers are finding success with prawn spinners.  As water temperatures warm, local kayak fishermen are putting prawn spinners to good use. Many are finding success both trolling prawn spinners 12-20 feet down over deep water and tapping them along the bottom over the many humps and shelves that make up the Willamette between Portland and Oregon City.

Brass blades with a charturse tip in size 3 or 4 in front of the always effective pink Nate’s Bait prawns https://natesbaitfishingproducts.com/ have been sealing the fate of more than a few kayak caught springers.  Ever present sea lions have made it critical to make every effort to land fish quickly and be extra watchful while releasing native fish yak-side.  In addition to sea lions, remember that the Willamette is a very busy waterway during springer season with both fishermen and other recreational boaters out on the water in force.  Do yourself and your loved ones a favor and make every attempt to be as visible as possible.  Fly a safety flag, keep “your head on a swivel,” wear bright colors, and be mindful of your kayak’s position in the river.  As the weather continues to improve and as more fish arrive with each passing day it is prime time to get out on the water and put a springer on your game clip.

Ron Sauber is a Willamette River Kayak guide and gourmet chef.  He can be reached at groundswellkayakfishing@gmail.com.