Yeti Coolers- Review and Build Quality

Yeti Coolers- built for a lifetime of use.

The super cooler market was created by Yeti and although many have jumped into the fold in recent years, many still consider the Yeti product lineup to be the best. We caught up with Yeti at this year’s ICAST show and got to look at the ins and outs of a cooler that has revolutionized the task of keeping dead things cold.

Yeti coolers ¬†utilize roto-molding to create an impact resistant cooler that is built to stand the test of time. The coolers are certified by the Inter-agency Grizzly Bear Committee as “bear resistant” and according to Yeti, “bears get nothing but frustrated.

review of yeti coolers

Keeping fish cool during the summer months can be a big issue as water temperatures rise. Yeti’s FatWall construction features 2 inches of PermaFrost insulation in the walls for maximum protection from the heat. To keep the cold in Yeti Coolers also feature a ColdLock full frame gasket that makes sure that the cold you put in, doesn’t get out.

Combine all these features and you’re left with a cooler that will provide years of service and performance that you probably didn’t realize was available.

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